Her Dark Prince.

Week 50:  A creation myth. For this story’s purpose, please disregard any family relations that this tale usually has in Greek mythology, as in this piece, Hades is not evil, nor is he related to the Olympian Gods/Goddesses.

It is believed that Hades kidnapped Persephone.

What many were reluctant to accept, was that she fell in love with the Lord of the Underworld and agreed to run away with him. It was only when her mother, Demeter, found out, was a deal struck – that she would spend six months away from the Underworld. In these six months, she provided, light and sun and warmth for humanity, to bring about the change in seasons. But when the world turned cold and frosty, that is when humanity knew she had returned to the Underworld.

Hades had captured her heart, he was charming and intelligent, unlike Zeus, her father, who was always talking about wars and conquests. The women of her household often disagreed on many things, Athena was always headstrong and first into battle, while Hera, hated Persephone for she was the daughter of another woman Zeus had slept with. Most of the summer months, she spent with Apollo and Artemis, for they were likeminded and enjoyed the hunt, the wild, the sun and moon, arts and music.

But she was always glad to return to her husband.

He was tall and handsome, had dark hair and blue eyes. When she had first visited in the Underworld, she was distraught – hearing all the wounded souls, those passing on to greener fields, or those staying to live out their punishments, but it was Hades who showed her his home, where she was safe and away from the evil souls who screamed in the fiery pits of hell. His voice was always soft with her, like a gentle caress, he’d dedicated an entire hall for books and crafts and all the things she liked, never did he pressure her to do anything she didn’t want to.

He had warm hands and a broken, but loving heart. He made her feel safe and warm, important and equal to him. He often asked for her advice and help on punishments and she soon had a thirst for achieving justice for the victims of the corrupt souls she faced. The first time they kissed, it was the first time any man had touched her, he cupped her face and brought his lips to hers gently, almost hesitantly.

“I’m sorry,” he said, almost as soon as his lips met hers, he had pulled away, “I shouldn’t have acted so sudden. Please forgive me, I didn’t mean –

Persephone had giggled, she remembered. Stepping closer to him, she pulled him down and kissed him with all her might. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she parted her lips and nibbled on his bottom lip, a growl is what she heard after and one she loved to hear. His arms wrapped around her waist and she could feel the broadness of his body, how strong and capable he was. But not only that, beneath all the valour and smirks, was a man she would soon fall in love with.

A man who treated her with respect and kindness, a man who cried when things were too much for him to handle, a man whose heart had been broken by his own family, a man who saw the whole world and all its faults, only to laugh with the sun and take joy in his nephew’s art.

He was a man who believed in love and care, one who would cancel the day’s business in a heartbeat to see her smile and kiss her skin. His heart was larger than life, when it came to her, he didn’t hold back, showering her with delights and riches, but all she needed was him.

A man who held her at night and made love to her slowly, gently, patiently. He made it last, made her feel higher than the clouds, had her soaring and climbing, climbing, climbing

Until she fell into sunlight and golden kisses, until she arched off their bed and let go. Until all she knew was love, his voice and the pleasure that washed over her.

Until all she could hear was, “I love you, I love you, my darling.”

With him, she was home.


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