The End.

Week 52: A story entitled “The End”.  The year is nearly up! I can’t believe I actually did this and completed it. Thank you to everyone who has liked, read and commented on my stories. I love you all!

The end has come,

And though nothing will ever be the same,

A new year will dawn as loud as the beat of a drum,

And a golden sunrise shall flame.

Perils of the past will never be forgotten,

And we can only hope for the best,

To do right by the ones we love,

And make amends for a better future.

A summer’s breeze has past,

The haze of autumn reigns no more,

And the kiss of spring no longer embraces us,

The winter is here, a frosty new beginning.

Even though the future looks bleak,

And though we fear a great many things,

Take joy in love and family,

For those are the things that count.

Let the tyrant sit on his throne,

Let his minions run wild,

They are powerless against the voice of many,

One day, he shall fall.

And we will rise.

For nothing ever really ends does it?

Our voices will be heard,

He will not win.

For he is weak,

A year has past,

Let’s see how he crumbles,

No ivory tower can save him now.


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