Left Behind.

She’s the last human left on planet Earth. When she was younger, people would ask her, if you were the last human being alive, what would you do? Back then, she’d never had an answer. What would she do? One day, she woke up and her parents had disappeared.

Mum?” she called, running to and fro, through every room and out back into the garden. There was no reply, she shouted for her brother and her father.


At first, she’d thought they’d all gone to work. But then she stepped out into the front garden, saw door cars left open, music playing from an empty van. Front doors left wide and the curtains fluttering in the breeze, no sound of life, no chatter, no laughter. A bike was left fallen in the middle of the street and a child’s teddy bear.

“Hello?” she said, voice cracking. Her heart was dropping further and further into her stomach. A sense of dread washed over her, something awful, awful had happened. Tears sprang to her eyes. She was all alone. Everyone had left.

Her voice echoed across miles. The sun burned over head and a breeze carried through, smelling of nothing. Not a scent of perfume, or the neighbour’s food. Not the smell of leaves or rain, nothing. It was like the world had stopped. And forgotten to stop her with it.

She phoned her mum, her dad and her brother, but with no luck. She tried calling her friends, there was no answer. She ran over to their houses, the front doors were left wide open. But there was no trace of life. Everything had been left as though they were coming back. Her best friend’s blanket still lay on the sofa. The TV was paused on some music video. The stove was still on, the kettle had just been boiled. The book her best friend’s father had been reading was left open with a bookmark lying on the coffee table.

She had searched and searched and searched for signs on life. She went to grandmother’s, her cousin’s, her ex-boyfriend’s. There was nothing. No sign of them. Never would she see their smiles again or feel their hugs, never would she know the touch of her best friend’s hair on her face or the smell of her mother’s perfume or the taste of her father’s cooking.

Day after day she wandered and wandered. She tried accessing the internet but found that it stayed on one page, Google. When she lost hope, she tried killing herself but every day, even after shooting herself in the head, she’d wake up again. Death would not take her. She could not leave the hell she was in, the cycle of waking up, dying and waking up again.

So, yes. She’s the last person on Earth.

And now she watches the sun rise and the moon take its place. She watches the birds soar and the cats cry for their owners. She watches as the forests and landscapes take over what had become cities and towns. She watches as her home is torn from the ground as trees and flowers grew. She watches as her school crashes and burns, she watches as the sea takes her and leaves her ashore somewhere else.

She no longer feels fear or remorse.

She just sits and she watches. She watches for someone to notice. For someone to see her. But no one does. No one ever does.

Because there is no one around to care.

What would you do if you were the last person alive?

I don’t know. She thinks. I don’t know. Sit and wait for sun to swallow me whole.

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