Tilly & Her Magical Kitten.

The kitten followed her from the minute she got off the bus.

It was pouring down and this innocent little feline was wandering around, meowing sadly. Stooping to the cat’s level, she smiled and held out her hand. For some reason, witches had a connection to cats. Something about their natural inclination towards curiosity and mystery.

“Hello there,” the young witch said.

She was eighteen and it was her rightful age to pick an animal companion. It was settled the minute she laid eyes on the tiny tabby with hazel green eyes and a pink nose. “C’mon then,” she smiled, once the small cat had sniffed her hand and rubbed its body against her arm. Another thing witches could do when it came to cats, was tell their gender. In rare cases, a witch’s prediction was found wrong, but she knew that this little ball of fluff was a girl.

“My name is Tilly,” the witch said, smiling happily as she walked down the road with the kitten within the warm folds of her winter coat, protected from the cold and rain. “I think I’ll name you Lilly. For your white paws.”

Lilly looked up at her and purred. It seemed she agreed with her new name. Tilly smiled and quickly made her way down the empty, dark road towards a modest cottage house at the end.

“Mum!” she yelled happily as soon as she stepped into the house, making sure to shake off as much water from her clothes and boots as she could, taking her coat and boots off by the door, before stepping into the living room. “Look what I found.”

Her mother, a kindly yet powerful witch, looked up from the spell she was casting over a pot in the kitchen, making supper it seemed. “Oh, that’s wonderful dear. Have you named her yet?”

“Lilly,” Tilly said, walking towards her mother with the shy bundle in her arms, “Lilly, this is my mum. Say hello.”

Lilly looked at Tilly’s mother, Abby, and stared at her. For a long while they gaze met and then Lilly blinked, a sign of familiarity, love and respect among felines. “Looks like she likes you,” Tilly grinned.

“Looks so,” Abby smiled, “Tilly the coven are coming over for dinner later. Make sure everything is tidy, would you? I would myself but I had such a busy day at work, dealing with some rouge witches and it completely slipped my mind.”

“Sure, no problem,” Tilly said, and then cuddled Lilly to her chest, “c’mon I’ll show you my room. I even have a blanket you might like. I wonder if you like the colour red…”

Abby shook her head fondly and looked at the picture of her late husband on the bookshelf in the living room, open plan like they’d wanted, “she’s just like you, Nathan. Just like you.”

And if pictures could move, for they seldom do even in the magical world, Nathan would have winked.


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