The Play That Goes Wrong: A Review.

Never have I seen a play that made me laugh so much. It was absolutely wonderful. Centred around a murder, the play unfolds in a disastrous way. Everything and I mean, everything goes wrong. An inspector is called around when the body of a man is found in the living room. And while the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society tries to stage the complex mystery, the over top Thespians struggle to hold the stage together, while several forget their lines or knock each other out.

The annual production of the murder at Haversham Manor proves to be particularly difficult to keep under wraps, as the murder has been committed in a country house, isolated in a terrible snowstorm and what should be a dramatic thriller, turns out to be a hilarious jumble of mayhem.

With a dramatic woman playing the wife of the ‘deceased’, an inspector that loses his nerve and screams at everyone, a dead man who isn’t really dead, the sound guy who plays the wrong music, the butler who doesn’t know what’s going on and the brother of the wife knocks people into broken walls and ceilings, it proves to be a comedy of slapstick humour. What should be a horrifying murder, just makes the audience cry with laughter, in a relaxed atmosphere, there was never a dry moment in the house.


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