Wicked: A Play Review.

For years, I had been dying to watch this play. I had never gotten around to it and my school wasn’t cool enough to take us to theatre productions. That and my family never had enough money. Luckily, in recent years’ things have been better, so I was able to see Wicked. For longest time, I loved classic stories like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, so to see a different telling about the Wicked Witch of the West, who was not really wicked, was wonderful.

A play that featured songs and adventure, great heart and moving moments, it was definitely one of my favourite productions I’ve seen on stage. It was funny and shocking, heart-breaking and sweet, with a bittersweet and hopeful ending, I would recommend to anyone that it is a must see. Laced with political symbolism centred around society’s views on anyone to is, in their view, different to a norm, that they have decided is the only way, it was very telling of the time we currently live in.

As the play proved, it does not matter what colour your skin is, your gender, sexuality, religion, place you’re from, disability; whatever it is that society thinks deems you lesser, is not and never will be true. You are 100% deserving of freedom, opportunity and equality. Society’s views on people of ‘other’, a.k.a., those who do not conform to the white, upper class, male privileged, heteronormative ways, has always tried to restrict, control and oppress those who do not follow their way, and this play, proved that there is always another way. A freer, better, more understanding path to follow, that provides happiness for all.

Elphaba is a loveable and compelling character, the witch born into a family that does not show her love, due to her being different and a mistake that her mother made. She becomes friends with Fiyero, a man she sees to be the opposite of his egotistical front, he is actually smart, caring and loyal, while Glinda, the good witch, is far more cowardly and annoying during her younger years, until she matures, learning the error of her ways. Glinda betrays Elphaba and does not defend her friend when the land turns against her, instead she is banished and has to fight her way back in.

Even then, she is shunned and is wanted dead, as she is blamed in the change in the animals, when really the true villain is the Wizard and Madame Morrible. In a twist of events, Elphaba is given the one thing she was neglected to have her entire life.


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