His Eyes.

She doesn’t remember much about him. She can’t picture his smile or hear his laugh. He has become a distant memory, lost amongst many. A treasured dream that has long since been forgotten. 

He could have been her forever. He could have been the man waiting at the end of the line. The man waiting at the altar. But he wasn’t. 

She wonders sometimes, what happened to him. Did he find happiness? Did he find what he was looking for? She wonders if he wonders about her. 

He probably doesn’t. 

He was always doing something. He lived for the thrill, for adventure and fun. She did too. But there comes a point where your body fails you and you have to let go. 

He didn’t want to. 

So, she did for him. 

It’s been forty years. And though his blond hair has faded from her sight and his smile has been lost, she still remembers those eyes. 

As deep as the ocean and light as the sky. She always said it was like he could see into her soul. They were beautiful and dangerous. The mix often threw her heart into a racing fit. She wonders if hers did the same to his. She wonders and wonders. 

When she sees him again, he stares at her and she stares at him. They’ve spent a lifetime apart and yet the pull is still there. They don’t say anything, they don’t need to. 

Just being able to see his eyes again is enough. 


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