Wonder Woman: A Film Review.

Wonder Woman was an action packed, emotive, empowering and wonderfully plotted film.

As the first superhero film to be directed by a woman in the DC universe, along with it being a superhero film focussed on a female lead, it swept its way to the tops of peoples to watch list. It proved to be a highly anticipated film that pleased and wowed audiences. I was incredibly excited to watch this film, Wonder Woman is not only a strong, intelligent, emotive, fierce, loving and self-sacrificing woman, she is also grounded in human feelings, despite not being one of the race she defends.

An Amazonian woman brought up to be a powerful and loyal protector of her people, defender of those who cannot look out for themselves, learns that she is part of something much larger than her mother is willing to tell her. Hidden away from the world of men, Diana grew up in a women-only society. And they flourished. They were not held back from opportunities purely because of their sex, respect and family were strong tropes that were the foundations of their teachings. However, all seemed well and good, until the truth came to Diana’s shores.

Quite literally.

Steve Trevor is a spy for the allies and has crash landed in a strange, magical and women only world that does not allow or approve of unknown people – most importantly, those that could harm the society they live by. Especially men who do not appreciate their way of life. And yet, there is something about Steve that makes Diana wonder. For her entire life, she has been hidden away in a paradise like world, full of battles and victories among likeminded women, but has never stepped foot in the outside world.

Once, the gods created the world and on it, humans were Zeus’ prized creations. However, Ares his son did not agree with his father’s views and wished to destroy humanity to show his father what they were really like. He was cast out from the heavens, too weak to do much else. He infected humanity’s minds and made them weak, crippled by fear, hatred and jealousy. Wars broke out and it appeared as though the human race would die out. However, Diana comes from a line of women, who were created as impressive warriors to put an end to the death and destruction.

To keep the peace, Zeus used the last of his power to hide the Amazonian women from Ares and bestowed upon them items to be wielded by the one worthy of such power. And that turns out to be Diana.

Unable to turn her back on the havoc and trauma that Steve has recounted, Diana embarks on a mission to destroy Ares once and for all to end all wars.

I cannot say enough about this film. It was powerful and heart wrenching and funny. It highlighted the darkness of war, the fragility of human life and the sacrifice one can make for the person they love. To point out one major thing, I really enjoyed the change in dynamic that superhero films always seem to follow. Where the superhero is a male and the love interest is a damsel and a woman. Here, Steve, though a soldier and a man with a heart of gold, is Diana’s friend and love interest, while she is the title character that he aids.

And by god, can she fight.

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