It Comes At Night: A Film Reviews.

Disclaimer: This review is in no way sending hate towards those who took part in the film. This is purely my reaction to the film itself and what happens. 

It Comes At Night was one of those thriller/horror films that I had been waiting for. I thought based off the trailer that it would be frightening and entertaining, dark and strange. And while it was all of those things, I didn’t like it. At first, it started off with an interesting, yet not unseen premise.

A disease has plagued the Earth and people have been forced apart, resorting to basic instincts and have turned against others that aren’t family. Living in old houses with stocks of food and drink, boarded up windows and weapons.

It’s not something we haven’t seen before.

But with the cast and writing, I thought it would be a new take on the plot. And while there were several things that were different, it was more annoying, dissatisfying and depressing than anything. For starters, we had no answers as to what had caused the disease. We had no outside perspective on the rest of the world, there was no contact with anyone else aside from the two families. All we knew was that there was a family, Paul, Sarah and Travis, living in a house who accept another family, Will, Kim, and Andrew, to come and live with them.

All seems to be going well, until Stanley, Travis’ dog goes missing.

From there, it goes downhill. Anticlimactic and horrendously immoral, I was stunned. I suppose that’s what they wanted you to feel but it wasn’t satisfying at all. It was awful. For days, I couldn’t get Kim’s screams out of my head. I couldn’t stop seeing Stanley injured and whimpering. I couldn’t stop picturing Travis crying when Paul shot Andrew. I couldn’t stop hearing Wills shouting.

I was fuming at the end. Paul and Sarah acted disgustingly – killing innocent people who only wanted to leave.

Protecting one’s family does not mean you should lose your humanity in the process. Protecting one’s loved ones does not mean you should take someone else’s loved ones.


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